TID - Tirana International Development sh.p.k.was founded in 1998, of entirely Albanian Capital. Its vigorous development has already placed the Company at the top of the list of construction companies in Albania. The successful progress is the outcome of the managerial and technical-engineering capabilities demonstrated by the staff, projecting and executing in compliance of Albanian and European standards. A very important and determinant role towards the thrift of the “TID” Company belongs to its General Administrator, Behar Male."


Our company aims to increase in quality using new standards in construction and types of services that are currently present in the Albanian market, finding themselves among other prestigious companies in the field of construction of civil buildings, business centers, tourist villages, and in a near future we intend to increase our contribution to infrastructure projects and industrial facilities.


To safeguard the position of being the market leader by being identified with the quality of our construction and permanent guarantee and trust of customers and partners.


Our goal is to be the leader in the field of construction and to satisfy the customer on time and with maximum quality.